The library of the Croatian Conservation Institute was founded in 2003, as a special library of a semi-open type. Its collection is intended primarily for restorers, conservators and museum staff, as well as lecturers and students dealing with the protection and preservation of cultural heritage. One section of the library collection consists of books inherited from the two institutions which were merged as the Croatian Conservation Institute in 1997: the Institute for Restoration of Works of Art and the Conservation Institute of Croatia.

Nowadays the library collection encompasses some 10 000 professional monographs and 137 periodicals (41 Croatian periodicals, 32 regularly purchased foreign periodicals and 64 periodicals that are no longer purchased).

The central library is located at 8 Zmajevac Street in Zagreb, with branches at 19 locations in Zagreb, Ludbreg, Osijek, Juršići, Rijeka, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik.

Digital catalogue of the library of the Croatian Conservation Institute

The following link allows direct access to the digital library catalogue of the Croatian Conservation Institute, which records one part of the collection of the Croatian Conservation Institute Library. The digital library catalogue is part of the network of the City of Zagreb Libraries.


The Croatian Conservation Institute regularly exchanges publications (periodicals and books) with similar Croatian and foreign institutions. The exchange is organized by the Library.

If your institution is interested in such an exchange of publications, please contact, and you can find information about our publications here.


Ljiljana Nofta
Head of the Library of the Croatian Conservation Institute
Zmajevac 8, HR-10000 Zagreb
Fax: +385 (0)1 4683 517

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